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Going home!

In the distance I saw this lady it was Halsey the best singer in the world. She shouted out my name so me and my friends went up to her and she said if you go threw the spooky forest their will be a talking hamster who will tell you how to get home. So me and my friends ran threw the forest and out the other end but there was no hamster so we kept on walking down the lane we saw the hamster. 


 We’re at a massive gateway I was scared 😣 πŸ™„ and mindblown🀯 and there was a  door Bell πŸ›Ž so I pressed the door bell but no one answered so then I saw a buzzer like a phone πŸ“± the noise was like  bum bum bummmmmmmmmm.  Then wen the  door opened the door πŸšͺ made a crushing sound like drums. We’ve made it in the place it’s dark like the moon   . Suddenly......... then lights went on πŸ’‘ really fast πŸ’¨ like the flash 🚡🏼‍♂️ . We walking in the place  but then the mother blue tit says to me this is wizard πŸ§™‍♂️ of diamonds palce everything was made from diamond. There were some stairs  so we went me diamond shark 🦈 and mother blue tit so.... we went up the stairs and  I was scared for my life. I said to the wizard please can I go home he said yes but there was secret word I had to say it was my Nan.

The journey home

master blue invited us in as soon as we got in every one stared at us and gasped  he  took us to the room of blues .First he asked Lucy what she was missing she said she was missing her horse called bobbydave .Master blue told her that it was were she used to play and cherished . After that she asked  Harte wat milssing she said the heart of the ocean master blue didn’t tell  her were it was he just said it is were you used to swing and sleep opposite the sea . Tory barked he suddenly said oh yes I’m sorry I forgot you .He siad to bark like a dog then  vaeterssaw like a elephant squid  suddenly I was at home 🏠 I was so happy   Then mum came running up to me and squeezed me so hard I stoped breathing I felt so realeaved to be home but what an adventure.


I was walking by my self and I saw a tree but something was dangling from it . It was a piece of string with a grean so I prest it . I got spun around 4000 times I was sick. I landed in a COW PATCH I got it all over my shows wen I got home I took my shoes off and I told my sister all about it she fort I was going SO ..... crazy but I said I Said it is really true . So I Toledo mum about it she said that’s impossible. So I went in the kitchen with my 2 dogs I watched a bit of tv and they were on tv I was super excited and so was me and buddy one of my dogs.

Helping my friends

Soon after that the diamond bee started to cry his tears made him gain his confidence and the puddle that it made, turned into another wing and he got happier when he put it on. One minute later the golden bee felt happy to the other bees but not happy for himself an then he realised that he got his sparkles back, they were so shiny that they were blinding to the bee and human eye. One minute later all of my bee friends asked when I was going back home I said I don’t know yet will you help me they said yes but then they said that I had to go to a haunted mansion that has the infinity teleporter gauntlet in a hidden infinity chest. So I went in with my friends they showed me were to go and one hour later we found the chest I picked out the gauntlet and put it on and my bee friends told me to klick my fingers 3 times and I would get teleported to my home world. So I did what they said and klicked my fingers 3 times and got put it the same black hole that I came from and I was back with my family.

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