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We went to Minnie's house we looked behind her sofa and it was their so I rushed to Minnie I saw her and she said thank you very much I appreciate it. The final person was Aladdin he had lost his lamp I had some struggle finding his room his was easy to find his because it was glowing it was extrodenary. So I ran as fast as I could.I found him and he was amazed to see it he hugged me.Two claps and I was back home.

No place like home getting home

Now I really like to go home.But I wonder how? All of us have what we wanted,maybe we could put them all together then I could get back home.

We traveled and traveled.Then we stopped for a food and drink break.

Some time in the day it got really hot,I got sunburnt all over me.Now we were burnt to a crisp.Now I felt like I was going to melt and we ran out of water.

One time bird found something sticking out the ground,so I lifted it up it was a sign that said click your fingers so I did and then a big twister came and lifed me up and took me back home, and every body lived happily ever after.THE END.

Part two of no place like home

The kiwi said “hi” and so I said “hi” back, the kiwi asked me to help him to find his friend  kiwi friend “yeah”ok I will help you ya find your kiwi friend thx no problem ok came oh then I’m coming ahhhhh are you ok jazz yes ok hurry  ok oh no help me ahhh oh no jazz you fell oh her oh no I’m so sorry is ok I guess we’ll how was your day good I guess.

Home sweet home

Furiously, I picked up the key. Looking around, I noticed that each of the cabinets had a keyhole. Using the key, I unlocked each cabinet. They each ate the gem that was their lost item. Out of the room we walked. Everything else in the whale looked different. They were notes everywhere numbered 1-5 each of them said do... number one said do 5 claps. Number 2 said now do a front flip. Number 3 said sing Humpty Dumpty. Number 4 said walk six steps forward. Last but not least said say TAKE ME HOME.  Then there was one more note saying go back to the beginning of this trail and follow these steps in order. I clapped, did a front flip, sang Humpty Dumpty. Then I walked six steps forward. As loud as I could, i shouted TAKE ME HOME. Up and up I went . Up the whales blow hole. Through the sky I was flying with speed. I crashed through my roof. Finally I was home 🏡. My mum said WHERE HAVE U BEEN . I replied with, in a whale you left me behind. I gave my mum a hug and we lived happily ever after  

Back at home

So, my parents dropped me off at school and as I took a seat at the desk I saw that the teachers were my friend from the candy land like the Bubblegum scarecrow ,the Whip cream lion and the Lollipop man . Teached  about road safety and the Whip cream lion and the Bubblegum scarecrow where helping people around the classroom when class ended I saw that they went into the head teachers room.I ran into the head teachers room and they where gone  after my parents picked me u from school  I told my parents about what happened and they still didn’t believe me and my dad said ‘what are you talking about I think you’ve been seeing things’ and my mum said ‘go to bed and have a rest please’ so I went to bed and fell into a deep dream. The end.


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