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Talking to my parents

After playing basketball I went up to my mum and dad and say I went up this mysterious portal and teleported to a magical place.But they didn’t believe me but i was telling the truth but they still didn’t believe me.


There is no place like my bedroom

Now I have found all of the items now I need to go home. But how? 

I saw a show just started when I found the kittens mum. I decided to watch it. I saw a elephant on roller skates and a lion jumped though a hoop  on fire. It was like a circus!!! When I clapped 4 times at the end of the show I  lifted of of the ground (32cm). It felt very weird I wondered what I had done so I retraced my steps and what I did do. I tried all of the things but  nothing worked I only had claping my hands. I did it 4 times I think so I decided to start from 1 then 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 but nothing happens so I went up to 20 and...

14 worked( favourite number) I flow all the way up to Scotland then home.

Home sweet home!!!!


There’s no place like home 'return'

Now all the animals are reunited with their belongings it’s time for me and Molly to get home. The animals made a deal with us to help us home if we helped them. Now it was time for them to return the favour. The bunny knew some people she helped home before. She said we had to go to the fairy king and queen. We made our way back to the palace and when we arrived there we had all forgotten the way to the throne room. The super kind fairy showed the way to the room and the fairy king and  queen said they knew a cure. They went up to their potion room and brought down a bottle of rainbow stuff. They said to me that I had to drink all of this with some water from the lake then click my heels together wearing fairy shoes but in human size and say there’s no place like home 3 times. So of we went to the lake carrying an extra empty glass to put the water in. Scooping up the water I thought of my school friends. I screwed the lid back on the glass and we headed on back to the palace. We walked through the entrance and the fairy queen said she had a surprise for the unidog. The unidog was so excited she followed the queen immediately . The queen took the unidog up the stairs and into a secret room.

''welcome to your new room unidog, you live here now instead of in that wooden hut.'' The fairy queen told her. The unidog thanked her right away then we all went down the stairs and I drank the lake water then the rainbow water. I pulled on the sparkly shoes and closed my eyes repeating there’s no place like home 3 times. A huge glitter storm swept me up then I saw my house. Then we found our way home. I look out the window and boo ya were home safe and snug.

Finally ......

We see two dragons guarding a massive gate surrounded by what seemed gold and silver. Just then we heard constant flapping from the woods. We turn round and see the four dragons that were guarding and it was if the dragons guarding  the gate read their minds and moved aside as if they were the masters or elders. Then one of the dragons turned round and sort of talked but I couldn’t understand what they were saying, if they were saying anything.Then George said. 

“He told us I think that they were the elders and the things they had lost had some of their power and gave it to them and also said to follow them,”said George.

So we carried on following them and lead to a giant, golden door and it opened in the presence of the dragons.

There lying on the throne looked like a master of all dragons even more powerful than the elders but it looked so weak and harmed.Then I heard it say.

 “H-help bring peace to the kingdom and you will be rewarded nothing like ever before”.

Then teleported to the heart of the kingdom and it was the actual heart of the kingdom there was a red heart surrounded by a red glow but then we noticed a chain and all the white was being corrupted by the nothingness of the chains. Suddenly, a dark baby dragon came out of the chains and ran towards them at full speed, standing there in shock we barely avoided the ramming dragon and had minor cuts on them. Soon more and more came out but getting bigger and bigger, faster and faster and soon stronger. All I could do is just watch them fight the dragons and monsters with their powers.In the distance, I heard a rumbling and soon the others heard it too. We saw a shadowy figure coming out from the dark and was looking right at the others. Determined the dragon darted across the floor aiming right at my three friends. It was so big they couldn’t avoid it and some how a wall appeared behind them and went flying into it. Everything inside me just dropped me boiling up inside with rage but it felt something else was boiling up. I felt my heart beating and I couldn’t hold it anymore seeing my friends in pain. I ROARED so load the endless walls echoed around me. The dragon was so surprised it just blinked and turned slowly and it felt like I teleported behind the dragon pulled my hand back and pushed forward and the dragon went tumbling over ready for a fight. Yet it was trembling inside I could just feel it and with both my hands I pushed my hands forward and obliterating the dragon. Just then I was standing on my feet in front of the dragon and explained it would teleport us home and we had to protect the universe with the power that had received. So we returned home and it was if nothing ever happened but I still had the powers. Was it a dream? Or no? That’s how I became an Avenger.  



Finding the items and going home (Liverpool mayhem part idek)

We came to this bridge and there was a ball on top that said AubameyYANG. We all like looked at the ball and said to AubameyYANG “there’s a goal over there kick the ball and score.” So he kicked the ball and he missed he didn’t give up though he kept on going and finally he scored. To make sure it wasn’t a fluke he had another goal and scored again, we all screamed “he’s got his aim back.” We carried on with our journey until we got to a big obstacle course made out of cones. There was another ball this year time it said AguerTOE I said to AguerTOE “go on you’ve got this.” He started trying to dribble and do skills past the cones but the just kept hitting them he kept going, and going, and going, and going, and going until he did it he got his skills back we again carried on with the journey. We came to a goal and there was a ball saying delEY it was his go, on the wall it said left foot only so he tried, and tried, and tried, and tried, and tried, and tried, and tried, and tried, and tried, and tried, and tried but he just couldn’t do it then he realised he never had a left foot and he never will. I left them to their own devices and I tried to find my way home. I saw this castle and I ran straight to It, finally I made it to the castle feeling like I was on my last bit of breath I opened the door and saw a small slide, it looked like the slide I went down to get to this place. Before I went down I looked around and saw lots of family pictures and not much exciting stuff so I just went down the slide I closed my eyes and dreamed of all the magical things that have happened in this magical world. Finally, I saw my dog and when I got to her I squeezed her so tight I think she did a toot. 🙊

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