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Around The Clock

As  We Walked Through The Blue Marble Halls Draped In Velvet Tapestries I could Hear Kaliifu’s claws scurrying across the hard, cold floor.

”Are You Sure you know where you’re going?” I Inquired giving Mr. Heatherbell a doubtful expression.

”Of Cooouuurse ~ “ Mr. Heatherbell purred nervously.

As we arrived to what seemed like the throne room a small, blue skinned man in a gleaming helmet and navy blue cape jumped infront of us with a stern face, holding his sword in our direction.

”Who Are You? what are you doing here? Where did you come from” He said, pouring his words out at us his sword getting slowly closer as he took a step closer.

In the right moment the large, glass throne sitting at the end of the room turned to reveal a beautiful lady with skin as pale as snow and hair as white as clouds wearing a magnificent navy dress with lights curling around it.

”Your Majesty!” The guard exclaimed dropping to the floor to bow pulling us with him.

The beautiful women got up and walked gracefully towards us, holding in her hand a glittering staff with a glowing orb on top of it. She stepped in front of me and lifted up my chin.

Hello~” She spoke in a soft, gentle voice. “I know why you’re here child... I will help you go back home.”

She took my hand gentley and lifted me up. I looked at my friends behind me, Tears slowly started to well up. We all knew, 

It was time for me to go.

The majestic women held her staff high as it started to glow more and more, A light started to float out of the orb, As the women grabbed it She held it closer and closer to me...

”WAIT!” I shouted, my friends and the women looking at me with curiosity. “I would like to do something first...”

As I smiled at the women I ran towards my friends and grabbed them, tightly hugging them I whispered to them.

”We will meet again, My friends.” I said tears streaming  down my face and theirs, Still smiling I slowly dissolved into tiny gleaming particles until, there was nothing...

( Now in Reality )

”Lailah! Lailah wake up!” My mum shouted shaking me gently.

As I opened my eyes I could see my Mother, Brother and doctors all standing over me.

”How long was I Out?” I said rubbing my eyes and lifting myself up.

”2 weeks, you were in a short period coma.” Said one of the doctors clearing up.

”Thank goodness you’re awake, I was so worried about you.” Cried my mum hugging me and kissing me.

Now, I don’t really think there is a moral to this story, but, it just teaches you that where ever you go, what ever you are

                                                          You can always find friends. 




......we were back home peace and quiet.

Helping three friends

I finally got into a strange place it looked like a jungle. I started looking around and I found myself under a coconut tree. I climbed up the tree and got a coconut ,I smashed it open and gave some milk to my family. There was a green animal in the distance,I though it was a lizard but as we got a bit closer it looked like an action figure . I thought to my self if this was fiction. I got closer and it was talking to 2 other people I said “hi” and they said “can you help us find something” before we could answer they took us somewhere and showed us something . We looked up in a tall tree and realise that there bases are in the tree I start to climb it and I got them but I fell down and hurt my back . The action figures where gone and there was a portal we whent through and............

Getting home

Henry’s robe was in the in the griffin door common room under his bed the map was useful then I was lookin for Amelia’s scarf it was outside In the water fountain I was looking for Jacobs books it was in the raven claw common room in the draws then I gave all there objects to them. when we were riding our brooms I had a letter from dumberdoor on the letter it said that if I want to join the raven claw quitich team and I accept it the next day I put all my quitich clothes and gear on I grabbed my broom. and the gate opened so i mount my broom and flew away on the pitch I was the seeker the balls were release I was zooming to the snitch I was hard to catch it then a blue screen came up and it says that when I win the game I go back home. so I zoomed right to the snitch I went really fast And I catched it the women said Lewis won the match the i got teleported at home so I went outside and play basketball.

Home time

So the grand wise pig and I were walking back to his big house when a little niggybig 👺jumped out from under a bush. It jumped closer and even though it was as small as a chicken it swallowed an elephant 🐘. We moved past and carried on our journey . Over a log we went, we crept past a bigrag 👿 and then we reached his house.

Inside there were lots of crazy inventions he made me sit on a chair and then he moved me onto a very spring-loaded board which he showed me how to work. He told me to when I wanted to go to pull a lever which would send me flying . He showed me a video with a small hthvc7c (foreign toad that only is native to this planet).He catapulted it as the camera zoomed out and you could see it leave the planet.I sat there trembling as the grand wise pig watched then all of a sudden I pulled the lever. 

It was boring in space as I gently fell asleep I felt quite lightheaded but when I woke up I was back at home and I hadn’t missed a thing. I was home and I went to play with my friends.

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