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Home at last !!!!!!!!!

The two creatures ran of with King Ragwort’s gift. “Dragon, you will take James home, shed your skin so he can make a house out of it then with his flying house, James will fly you to the <><><><>…………<><><><> evil kingdom and fetch your son,” King Ragwort boomed ,”set of my young people “. Sssssswwwwwooooossssshhhhh! The dragon set off at 999999999999999 mph. The smooth scales of the dragon made me almost slide of his back. King Ragwort had given me a map to the <><><><>…………<><><><>kingdom. Soon we were back at my old house’s site. I pressed create on my map. It showed a route. The dragon shedded it’s scales and l crafted a house. I went back on the dragons back and we sent off to the <><><><>…………<><><><> kingdom. Soon we were in the world of pain. Lava flowed on the coal black rock. Scared,exited,nervous,I made my way into the dark world. Fear and happiness all rolled into one. Barely visible beneath the lava,the<><><><>…………<><><><> kingdom stood. A horrible shrieking noise came from behind a window. Suddenly the <><><><>…………<><><><> emerged from beneath the lava. It’s blood stained body showed it had been up to some wicked acts. It’s clawed hands tried to dig into the strong body of the emerald hornet dragon. A blood-thirsty battle followed in which the <><><><>…………<><><><> died. Now, we were free to fined his son, rescue the animals and scram!!!


The help

The <><><><>…………<><><><>suddenly swooped down. Before that had happened l had been explaining that tKing Ragwort would help them . We could see ragwort city near us though <><><><>…………<><><><> had swooped down . Go away the dragon had cried. We all ran through fields of flowers and had outrun the <><><><>…………<><><><>! Ding dong we had pushed the brass door bell. Coommee iinn a voice had whispered . We entered the city . Standing in front of us was none other than king ragwort. You need your house and you need your brother...

The third character

I had just seen that Greenland had melted so the poor polar bear came with us . Then we entered the kilamangaria Jungle ! Even though most animals on this planet came from the world we live in this one was’nt. The Emerald Hornet Dragon ,the predator of all food chains it was in . With shiny scales and ripping teeth this was enough to kill strong predators like an aatgyhyjimuhytfrftgyhyhtgrftgyhyhjijijikikgddsqaqa. I asked him “why are you sad” he said “the evil <><><><>…………<><><><> took my son(scaling rag)Come with us I had replied!

The tiddly stream and the creatures.

After a while I had learnt I was 99999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999

I9999999 trillion miles away from earth. I had also learnt that my only chance of getting home was finding king Ragwort whose coat was

        like the wing of a cinnabar moth. The path to ragwort town (where King Ragwort’s dwelling was situated) was along tiddly stream          

 .I had been a few miles downstream passing beautiful woods and rain forests. I had just entered a desert where kit foxes

lived when a Bactrian camel came along. Hi I had said.gnruuurrr! Grumbled the camel. I am missing my brother. What! l had 

shouted  ! Taken by traders ! Oh l will help you I had said . Soon I and the camel had set off through the desert and into the artic

A  polar bear ran around screaming   My house is destroyed by global warming aaaäaaaãhhhhhhhh!!!!!!! We will make you another one.



Bee land!!!!!!

The monsters baby had tipped me over it’s now red mum.The mums eyes grew giant as my (now dented)cosy house fell dodging past space debri on it’s way.Every thing in my house was stuck to the floor(apart from test tubes of sodium chloride and the cans of toxins etc).My house spun through the air until...splat it fell into a golden honey lake.As soon as I had recovered from the long fall I heard buzzing. Bbbbzzzzbbbzzzbbzzbz!¡!¡Slowly I walked through the short hall that smells like plutonium,uranium and hydrogen. As I walked through the oak door,2347875 bees swarmed a round me . The knew World that lay before me was a bee paradise. There was honey lakes , GIANT bee hives, many wild flower 🌹 medows and bees bees bees and MORE bees. Suddenly the Queen bee buzzed forward. The buzzing was so LOUD my ears had to be glued together. “Why are you in bee land “,the queen bee squeaked.


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