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Going home

Your majesty I was wond...

oh don’t worry ,you wonder if I would transport you home Orion said I can and I will where is it you need to go also do you have a pound on you 

Bishops hull ,and yes but why ever do you need a pound

well yah see I come from bishops hull and I need to go back but I need one more pound so I can pay for a turbo balloon,jet pack,parachute kit ,rocket ,sub marine and mortar car.That’s what it takes to get back so may I have it

yes you may



so the two went to the shop bought the stuff came set it up and went 



finally after 7 hours they were back in Engaland .now they had to drive to bishops hull.

Two hours and they were on silk mills road and Anna walked back to her house 

Maggie and mona phoned said you were seeing good king Orion 

oh yeah there was a storm and took the school to clip and climb Exeter we went on the walls for free they took us to a new dimension we met weird people then I met king Orion and he took me back home he lives in jarmins.........



new freinds and lost items 2

"Excuse me ,me  and my friend Lianne lion noticed you searching for good king Orion and wondered if we could join you cos well I've lost my spirit animal and Lianne has lost her courage"a young tiger explained

"To get your spirit animal back you just need to imagine your favourite animal running wild around you. And you only need to face you greatest and then you'll know any thing is possible, to get your bravery  back "anna suggested so the lion and the tiger went of and did just that. Then  anna told poppafoth about how she thought that to get her ability to do gardening back she just needed have faith in herself and believe in herself and she would be able to do it .so anna was left on her own 

When anna got to sapphire city she found Good King Orion swimming in the moat of sapphire castle...…

Finding the lost things(finding friends)

I’m seeing king Orion later you come so they went of together 



Hello how are you

We were told to follow the red tarmac path and so we followed it until we came to a junction. It was at this that mr Watkins mentioned that he knew a way to get home but we would have to go back to the village of the faixenies (the strange people in the village)we had to run through a field of poppies just as we got to the centre of the field me and my 2 best friends Maggie and Marcella fainted at the same time.

When we woke up there was a strange women leaning over us saying the other load of people ran away “my names poppafoth I look after these fields but I’ve lost my ability to do gardening 

What a destination

click,we had our harnes’s o we were climbing on the climbing wall “whoa’’.suddenly everything looked like guitars  and pancakes  “where are we’’exclaimed Mrs Blagdon.”we’re at mude wold I’ve been before but on a plane that crashed we plonked into the ocean then we were below the seabed hey look over there ‘’in front of us there was some sort of halfhuman half plant half fairy he said to us ‘hello you’re new round here I’m bobjoffle I’ll give you a tour ‘I wasn’t listening I was busy looking at the houses,they looked like vases ,God’s heads ,boats ,mythical creatures and famous people but it was weird we were making models of these at school but the house I was looking at looked exactly like my  DT project no way I just heard bobjoffle say that the houses were looking at were made by babies 


the tour was finished I’d learnt lots about the world we were in. All of a sudden

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