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Going home

“ Oh Holly,” I said. “Your mum’ll never forgive me after this” 

“We need to think of a plan to get back. I can’t bear the thought of never seeing you again!”

“What do you mean?” 

Holly gestured “mm, well if I don’t get back in time for tomorrow evening, she might even think my mum got us lost on purpose, and well she have me move school.”

I looked down. I tried to not step on the lines on the road, but it made me feel sick . I looked up, dismayed, and Holly noticed. 

“Don’t worry, I still be best friends with you.”

We kept walking for a while and then we saw a house, a jagged house, one that looked well, alone as such. I stared, I clutched Holly  

We went in the house and it was mine!

holly started singing happy by pharrell Williams and then I joined in. 

Suddenly the house starts to rise and we were home at last! Molly was sat in the garden, of which the grass was wet, and was on her phone as usual! Turns out, no time had passed at all! Ivy licked me on the face.And  it was the besssssssttttt sleep over EVER! 

Finding the items!

Holly looked over at Gary, who was crying. Gary quickly looked away, shamed by it. “It’s alright Gary,” Holly said determinedly, “Everybody has to have a little cry sometimes.”   

Gary smiled unethusiastically back at Holly. Holly went over and put her finger around Gary’s back. It would have been her arm  but he was too small. We passed a bunch of people who were singing loudly. They stopped when they saw Carlos. He  nodded  sadly. When we passed them Carlos said Olé and started singing. “Carlos! You’ve found your love for music!”he finally looked happy again. Gary took his jacket off and then Holly lifted him up. I soon realised why. Gary’s hat was Inside his jacket the whole time!Zee asked me if I could scratch his mane,so I scratched it. I felt a piece of...of...chain! Zee! I’ve found your necklace. It was in  your mane the whole time!”

My friends

“It means can you speak Spanish in Spanish.”said Holly with a flourish. She did a spanish dance and turned her hands into castanets. Then she realised three people were staring at her. “Sí not really”

 “I’ll just speak in English.”he said whilst doing a Spanish dance back at Holly, who just giggled.

 “I’ve lost my love for music” he said. 

 “Well me and Holly have lost our way back to England. We can help you find your lost love for music if you want?!”

 “Yes please” he said 

“let’s go!” 

We walked off and there in our way, was a tiny metal man who was called Gary who lost his hand 🎩.Then we came across a zebra who lost his necklace. 

My world

 “Langi......Langi.......LANGI !!!!!!!!!!!”

I grumbled and turned in my sleep. 

“Langi, wake up! It’s sooo sunny I think if i go outside I will burn to a crisp! I haven’t seen the sun in aaaaages!” 

I opend my eyes and looked around. Even though the sunlight was streaming in through the windows and the glass in the door,   all of the glass gars and the pots were all over the floor. We could hear music outside... music that was kind of tangy... music that  was - “Spanish music!” Holy shouted out loud. She seemed to be thinking the same thing as me...

 “Holly we’re in Spain!” I shouted as loud as I could. The music stopped. There was a buzz of sound and I guess these “invisible” people were talking. “Holly, yyou, you don’t think we have scared them do you? Holly shook her head and then nodded her head! Shake,nod,shake,nod,shake,nod like a little replica of noddy! 

“Holly, h holly, should we go outside?”

 “Yes.I think we should” said Holly, just as terrified as I was. 

Holding hands, we headed outside.

On of the men outside approached us with a guitar.

 “Puedes hablar español?” He said with an inquisitive look on his face. I turned to holly, who had lived in Spain for five years before we met. ...


“What’s that sound?” Holly asked inquisitively, while patting Ivy. “Good doggy” 

“I don’t actually know. Might be the thunder and lighting.Don’t want to get struck, do we?tis’ probably just sheet  lightning. Ivy, Now shake a paw” I said. “I’ll go and get some snacks” 

“0k” Holly said. I went downstairs and got two packets of crisps and two glasses of orange juice.There was suddenly a rumble and I felt sick. “Langi, did you hear that? I think I might be sick!” Holly called impatiently.

The house felt as if it was being lifted up and I ran to Holly desperately, in fear of being separated “Holly! Never mind about the snacks! I think we are going somewhere special !”

There was a sudden crash and everything went black...

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