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There’s no place like a portaloo 6

I flew off and perched on the rock where I met the wren. I sighed at the sight of the shattered portaloo. How on earth was I meant to rebuild it myself? It would take me ages! Then I remember what the birds said “tweet if you need me”. I took a deep breath and... TWEET! All most in an instant,the wren followed by the blue tit followed by the blackbird. They saw the mess of the portaloo,chirped between themselves then flew off. “Where are you going?”, “ somewhere” they replied. After about an hour they came back with some other birds. They put the portaloo back together. The young golden eagle landed on my shoulder again. I was transported back to my garden. I told mum and dad about what happened,but of course they didn’t believe me. Parents can be like that sometimes...!

There’s no place like a portaloo!5

As we flew off,we didn’t notice that there was a man with an ivory gun cocked. He held it up to his eye before cursing under his breath. The gun would not fire.........


I was thinking as we flew ,about the season. I realised that it wasn’t the breeding season yet. I explained this to the blue tit and she understood. She was very pleased that nothing was wrong with her and decided to fly off. She said that if I needed anything, just tweet and she would come. 


Now, it was to encourage the wren to sing. She puffed out her breast and let out a beautiful,melodious note. “Wow” I said enthusiastically. She said exactly the same thing as the blue tit, “thanks” and“tweet if you need me” and to, flew off.


I was left with the blackbird that lost his marbles. I told him to just calm down and not to eat as much chocolate. He then said bye and flew off.


There’s no place like a portaloo 4!

I fly to the top of a cliff and look out across the bird country and search for a bite to eat. Being a bird of prey,I wouldn’t eat sausages and mash but I would fancy a rodent or a pigeon but or... hang on there’s one! A vole scurries beneath my perch.I fold my wings back. But before I could dive,I heard a pitiful noise behind me.


I looked behind me and saw a little wren hunched over. My natural instinct was to eat the bird,but something made me stop. Something about this bird was wrong. So,I told her to come with me. We would work out what to do together. She told me she had a rubbish voice.


 Together we flew off to find a vet. On the way,we met a blue tit. She explained that she couldn’t lay any eggs so she came with us. She was very grateful. We met a blackbird that had seriously lost its marbles. 

There’s no place like a portaloo3

Wow.This world is so cool! There are birds of prey everywhere.Some swooping,some diving ,some eating and some simply sleeping. There are towering palms (big trees)and sheer grey cliffs. Perfect place for a Peregrine Falcon to nest on! Hang on,is that a nest?! Yes there’s a Peregrine Falcon on a brood of 1,2,3,4,5 eggs.Cool!

 Suddenly “BANG!”Millions of shards of ... plastic and tiles explode into the sky. The portaloo has gone bang! Oh well, I’ll sort it out later. For now,I’m off to explore. This could get exiting!


There’s no place like a portaloo!2

I was just bending down  to change the toilet roll when a young Golden Eagle swooped in through the sunroof on the portaloo’s celing.By heck did it give me a shock! It swooped down and descended on my shoulder.There was a sharp pain when the Eagle’s talons gripped on.Suddenly,the portaloo disappears. I felt light - headed and everything goes  fuzzy...


As I come round,I feel a weird sensation. I seem to be shrinking.Fast. A beak protrudes from my nose and wings replace my arms.Feathers cover my t-shirt and toes become talons.I have a tail. I can fly.Then Kaboom!!




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