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The Secret Life of Morpurgo Class' Pets.

We have been piecing together evidence of what our pets have been doing whilst we are out.  We are aware that some of our pets have watched 'The Secret Life of Pets' and we are concerned that it might have influenced them to be disobedient.  We are also concerned that they may be leaving the house during the day while no-one is at home, they might get caught and taken to a pound as though they were stray or they may be pet-knapped!  


We have attached a miniature CCTV camera somewhere on each of our pets so that we know what they get up to.  It will show where the pets go, what they are doing and who they are spending time with.  If they get lost, we will know where they are.  


You may think this is funny - but to us - this is a serious matter!  If you would like to hear more on this subject, keep reading this blog and those of the rest of the class.


(This is a fictitious blog - no animals were harmed in its writing!)

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Hi we are Izzy & Sophie. Mrs David (our teacher) has invited us to come on an end of SATs boat trip to a mysterious tropical island (we don't know what it’s called or where it is). I (Izzy) am a bit suspicious though because I have heard rumours about a creepy thing that hides on a small island and I think we might end up somewhere near it. I (Sophie) told her not to be so silly there is no such thing as a creepy island thing. We want a great time.

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