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There’s no place like a portaloo 6

I flew off and perched on the rock where I met the wren. I sighed at the sight of the shattered portaloo. How on earth was I meant to rebuild it myself? It would take me ages! Then I remember what the birds said “tweet if you need me”. I took a deep breath and... TWEET! All most in an instant,the wren followed by the blue tit followed by the blackbird. They saw the mess of the portaloo,chirped between themselves then flew off. “Where are you going?”, “ somewhere” they replied. After about an hour they came back with some other birds. They put the portaloo back together. The young golden eagle landed on my shoulder again. I was transported back to my garden. I told mum and dad about what happened,but of course they didn’t believe me. Parents can be like that sometimes...!

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Hi, I am Jack. I love cats and playing golf 🏌️‍♂️. I play the keyboard and love cars. I also like planes ✈️,buses 🚍and trains🚅🚂.

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