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Going home

“ Oh Holly,” I said. “Your mum’ll never forgive me after this” 

“We need to think of a plan to get back. I can’t bear the thought of never seeing you again!”

“What do you mean?” 

Holly gestured “mm, well if I don’t get back in time for tomorrow evening, she might even think my mum got us lost on purpose, and well she have me move school.”

I looked down. I tried to not step on the lines on the road, but it made me feel sick . I looked up, dismayed, and Holly noticed. 

“Don’t worry, I still be best friends with you.”

We kept walking for a while and then we saw a house, a jagged house, one that looked well, alone as such. I stared, I clutched Holly  

We went in the house and it was mine!

holly started singing happy by pharrell Williams and then I joined in. 

Suddenly the house starts to rise and we were home at last! Molly was sat in the garden, of which the grass was wet, and was on her phone as usual! Turns out, no time had passed at all! Ivy licked me on the face.And  it was the besssssssttttt sleep over EVER! 

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Hello everyone!!

My name is Langi and I have a pet dog which is called Ivy. She is brown with a lighter brown patch on her left eye and is sooooooo cute and cuddly. She can do lots of tricks and she is my own puppy. I got her for Christmas.I also have a big sister called Molly 



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