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I swear if I hear another animal talking I’m not going to write another title (there’s no place like home finale)😭

As the slightly weird foursome ran to the forest Han realised they hadn’t asked the king cat to lower the barrier! “Oh no!” Everyone turns round in alarm “I forgot the permission of the cat king!” 

“Oh no!” Shouted sir schnauzer  “at least we can still get through the door though!” Suddenly, the gate crashes down 

“Oh no!” Exclaimed Sam...........Wait a second Sam can’t speak! 

”Sam what happened!” Gasped sir schnauzer 

“Well,” Sam said “when we were fighting the king cat I developed a nasty case of hay-fever and consequently lost my voice,but I guess I’m all good now.”   

“This is all very heartwarming and every thing but how do we get my memory back? All I want to do is go back to living at 29 Surrey street,Exeter England. That is all this dog is asking!”

“Hugh?, Nick your remembering!”

 “Yippee!!!!!!” Yelled Nick 

“so what’s your real name?”

“umm,come on I know this......ah ha! My name is chewie! And with that Nick ar ‘chewie’ as he was now called flew into the air in direction of Exeter.

“So then were’s my sword?” Said an excited sir schnauzer 

Just then a sharp bronze blade sword flew through the air and landed next to sir schnauzer 

“Oh,surprising” said Sam as they too flew through the air.

“Right it’s just me now, I need to find a way home.” 

”Just say you like dogs more than cats.....”  a mysterious voice said 

“Oh,that’s easy” said Han happily 

“But here’s the catch, you have to mean it!”

“ahhh, that is a catch, but I can do it.”

determinedly, Han screwed up his face and thought of all the fun he’d had in the dog world, Meeting Sam, sir schnauzer, and Nick, riding on Nyan cat, and laughing at one of Nick’s jokes.

When he opened his eyes, to his relief he was home, and a dog that looked surprisingly like Nick..........


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