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Home at last !!!!!!!!!

The two creatures ran of with King Ragwort’s gift. “Dragon, you will take James home, shed your skin so he can make a house out of it then with his flying house, James will fly you to the <><><><>…………<><><><> evil kingdom and fetch your son,” King Ragwort boomed ,”set of my young people “. Sssssswwwwwooooossssshhhhh! The dragon set off at 999999999999999 mph. The smooth scales of the dragon made me almost slide of his back. King Ragwort had given me a map to the <><><><>…………<><><><>kingdom. Soon we were back at my old house’s site. I pressed create on my map. It showed a route. The dragon shedded it’s scales and l crafted a house. I went back on the dragons back and we sent off to the <><><><>…………<><><><> kingdom. Soon we were in the world of pain. Lava flowed on the coal black rock. Scared,exited,nervous,I made my way into the dark world. Fear and happiness all rolled into one. Barely visible beneath the lava,the<><><><>…………<><><><> kingdom stood. A horrible shrieking noise came from behind a window. Suddenly the <><><><>…………<><><><> emerged from beneath the lava. It’s blood stained body showed it had been up to some wicked acts. It’s clawed hands tried to dig into the strong body of the emerald hornet dragon. A blood-thirsty battle followed in which the <><><><>…………<><><><> died. Now, we were free to fined his son, rescue the animals and scram!!!


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I am Mr. Paper. Hi ????.I like nature and being creative and crazyness.I love ???? piggies ????. I have pets including cockroaches and ???? fish.The Danilo fishies are greedy.l also like sports like ??golf. I have had other quirky things over than dead ???? things like hbgghhhhghghhhbhggh slime.


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